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Meet Our Minister's

Josh and Sis. Rebecca Warner

Pastor and Wife 2.jpg

Pastor Joshua Warner is a licensed UPCI minister and a soul winner. Pastor Joshua Warner and Rebecca Warner got married in 1993. Pastor Warner was born in Americus, GA. He joined the US Army in 1993 and was retired in 2000. Pastor Warner joined Life UPC in 2011 and that same year received the Holy Ghost and his calling to the ministry. He became Pastor of the Richmond Hill Church in 2017.

Rebecca Warner was born in Manchester, TN and was married to Josh Warner in 1993. She was renewed with the Holy Ghost in her prayer closet in 2010, and shortly after joined Life UPC Hinesville Church. Rebecca is active in leading the Praise Ministry, and the Outreach department. She has the calling to one day be involved in foreign missions.

Together they raise their 4 children Christopher, Caleb, Talia, and Titus.

Assistant Pastor
Russell and Sis. Betty Conway

Asst. Pastorial Photo.jpg

Assistant Pastor Russell Conway II was born in Savannah, GA in 1983. He was born and raised in a UPC church by his parents, Russell and Katy Conway. In 2014, Russell found his calling into the Ministry, but waited for God's timing. Russell joined Life UPC Hinesville in 2014 and married his wife Betty Conway In 2016. They joined Pastor Warner at the Life UPC Richmond Hill church in 2016 and was given the title of Assistant Pastor in 2021.
Along his journey he started God's Plan is Now Podcast, and God's Plan is Now Facebook page.

Betty Conway was born in Nuremberg Germany Army Base in 1980. Betty Conway received the Holy Ghost 2016 through Sis. Vickie Oliver's message and was baptized in Jesus Name the following day. She married
Russell Conway II in 2016. 

Together they raise their boys, Caleb and Russell III "AKA Tripp" 


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